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söndag, oktober 04, 2009

The third wave of Nordic Internet Entrepreneurship

I am just about to hand in my final SIME jury votes for the Mighty 36. And my excitement is growing by the minute about what is cooking in the Nordic entrepreneurial kitchen.

I am getting more and more confident that we are up for an unprecedented period in the Nordic online history where Skypes, Spotifies and Livebookings will pop up in numbers. Just like within the music industry where ABBA/Blue Swede/Europe/Roxette/etc created a cluster from which the Swedish music export wonder was built, we are heading for an era of the same kind within the online entrepreneurial world.

I wrote here more than a year ago about the "third Internet wave" and the forecast from back then is materialising more and more. When SIME asked me for a quote about the state of entrepreneurship in the Nordics, for their release about the SIME Awards nominees, I said something similar pointing at that we are seeing "the third time around entrepreneurs".

The comparison I made was that it is often commonly referred to that when you build your first house you make a lot of beginner mistakes. When you are on to build the second house you are avoiding making the same mistakes. The third attempt building a house is when you have a comfortable holistic view of the project at the same time as getting it right in the details.

In today's SvD there is an article presenting some of these promising companies and entrepreneurs. It is great to see how SvD is presenting Ted, Sorosh, Daniel, etc as the heroes they are and I am sure these kind of - well deserved - media attention is fuelling even more potential entrepreneurs to give their ideas and visions a shot.

Can't almost wait, it is going to be some fun years to come!

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