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tisdag, oktober 27, 2009

Revisiting my RSS feed

Revisited my RSS feed today, haven't thought about my Google reader in ages these twitterdays. A few things stood out in the flow:

* Spotify CTO Andreas Ehn leaving, Spotify will continue their journey, supported by their massive momentum. I guess still tough for the Spotify team to loose such a valuable player in their line up
* Hasse Eriksson, former head of Myspace Nordic, to become CEO of Bambuser. Look forward to see if Mr Eriksson can make a business out of a great story
* My old boss Barry Diller sees no major acquisition coming up, which goes in line with a number of events happened last year around some of the people I know better
* More cuts across the board at Forbes - ouch, traditional media is suffering big time. No news
* Chinese search giant Baidu continues to grow, Q over Q sales were up 39% for Q3, to $187 million. Search is important, even in China
* Surprise visit by Sergey Brin at Web 2.0 Summit, hope he enjoys being a surprise visitor in the real world, still guess he would still like to start up something new, if he could

Flight to Copenhagen in a few hours, better get to bed.

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