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torsdag, september 27, 2007

The most odd request

Jag fick för ett tag sedan en förfrågan att berätta om min mest annorlunda förfrågan som jag fick under min tid som Pelle Törnbergs assistent -94/-95. Svaren från mig och andra av Pelle Törbergs forna VD-assistenter skulle tryckas i en specialupplaga av Metro som en avskedsgåva till Pelle Törnberg när han nu slutat på MTG och Metro. Mitt bidrag lät:

"Oddest request from Pelle during your trainee period:
Pelle: How many companies do we have within MTG? Me: Well some 135 when I counted the last time.
Pelle: Do we have a company presentation I can use for a meeting? Me: Yes, there is the printed version.
Pelle: Not good enough. Can you put together a 5 minute company video presentation? Me: Yes, of course, we have plenty off skilled people to do that within the group.
Pelle: Great. One thing though: it needs to be done in 24 hours. Me: Sir yes Sir.
Pelle: And it needs to be in Vietnamese. Me: Sir yes S…?
Pelle 23,5 hours later: Thanks Johan, looks good. Just one question. Are you sure that the translator you found was pro [the Vietnamese] Government? It is sort of important. I am meeting with the Vietnamese Prime Minister and his government delegation in 45 minutes."

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